My name is Adrian. My journey into Amateur Radio started in Australia back in 1986/87 with Jim VK2XI. He introduced me to the world of Amateur Radio with regular contacts to VK2, VK7 & VK9.

I attended Westlake’s Amateur Radio Club where I enrolled in what was then the NOVICE LICENCE course. I passed the regulation exam and couldn’t quite get my head around the theory. Morse Code (CW) would have been my next worry. I hated it. Lucky for me they were talking about dropping CW from the syllabus which they did in 1 January 2004.

I let the idea lay dormant for many years until May 2007 when I got in contact with Ron VK2DQ at the Radio And Electronic School and started the STANDARD LICENCE course. During my study, I joined the Westlake’s Amateur Radio Club again and the Hunter Radio Group. My exams were held on 23-24 June 2007 with the Hunter Radio Group in Newcastle, Australia. I passed all the exams first go. My assessors were Grahame VK2FA and Kim VK2ZW were very pleased that I passed. 2½ weeks later on 12 July 2007, the call sign VK2HES was issued by the ACMA.

All I had to do now was upgrade my licence to an ADVANCE LICENCE.

On the 17 February 2008, I attended the Central Coast Amateur Radio field day at Wyong, Australia where I sat the ADVANCE LICENCE exam and passed. The ACMA issued the callsign VK2BAC on the 19 March 2008.

My journey as M0GLJ starts in September 2008 when I travelled to the United Kingdom for a holiday. I applied for a licence and OFCOM issued M0GLJ. I moved my QTH to the United Kingdom in late December 2013.

I have given 2 lectures in my time as an Amateur Radio Operator about APRS and you can view them on my Lecture page.

I enjoy the hobby and love building my own equipment, antenna’s and communicating with other Amateur Radio Operator both at home and abroad. The rest as they say, “Is History”.

To find out what I’ve been up to lately, check out my BLOG page.